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France & Son reviews and buying experiences

Designer furniture industry has always been a bit of niche market in regards to customers, manufacturers and retailers alike. So, sooner or later, all of us working in this field get to know each other, or at least become aware of each other at some point. And, aside from healthy competition, we are also aware that each of us specializes in different styles or different types of furniture, so in a way we do all work together to ensure a balanced market that can provide you with everything a modern customer might need. So, for example, while we are very proud of our hard-to-match offer of premium-quality reproductions of some of the most iconic classics of mid century modern chairs, we have a comparably more humble offer of TV stands or beds, for example. But, that is why our colleagues in the field are there to offer those designs and help you complete your interior design efforts.

France & Son is one of the more recognizable names in the field of designer furniture that you might have come across before. With their formidable offer of various furniture designs paired with décor accessories which are a kind of rarity among the companies dealing exclusively with furniture, France & Son certainly provides numerous choices for their customers, serving as a kind of one-stop destination for all your décor efforts.

With this diversity of offer and a variety of product types available, France & Son certainly plays on a large and diverse offer as its greatest strength. With supply chains allowing for the sales of this diversity of times, it comes as no surprise that France and Son reviews you can find online talk about very varied products, but also varied experiences. But, when we try to draw a line and take a look at what are the general customer experiences with France and Son, what can we learn?

As with most companies, websites such as TrustPilot provide us with quite a colorful picture and a huge discrepancy between praises of loyal customers and rather serious complains pointing to the significant shortcomings. So, while maybe unprecedented diversity of products offered by France and Son remains the often pointed out strength, this company seems to have certain issues with logistic networks which result in delayed deliveries, deliveries to wrong addresses and similar problems.

Of course, logistic issues are easily the most common in the industry and we understand them very well – after all, it took very significant efforts on our side to develop our logistic network and supply chain to the point where we could prevent such mishaps, and that is without considering the often tricky implementation of quality checks that can ensure that the design arrives undamaged.

Some setbacks are also noticed in France and Son customer experiences and reviews when it comes to customer service and maintaining communication with the company from the point order is made to the delivery time. Of course, with timely deliveries, this is not too much an issue, although it can create unnecessary stress, but with delayed ones, the customers naturally feel much less secure and confident once the delivery deadline has passed and design has still not arrived. But, yet again, with a company as large as France & Son with probably hundreds of various orders, keeping track of everybody can be quite a challenge, even with a well-trained customer service team, so we are not quick to judge and would look at this more as room for improvement than a serious problem.

However, what seems to be a much more serious issue is the varied and inconsistent quality of the products. It is important to be careful here – many of France and Son reviews praise beautiful designs that arrived within just a week, confirming that this is a very serious and reliable company. But others complain not about damages to their delivered designs, but also poor quality and significant difference from what was showcased on the photos on the website. Yet again, with a large company that must work with many different manufacturers and suppliers, keeping track of every single product is challenging.

So, as a conclusion, while amazingly wide offer certainly allows France & Son to establish themselves in the world of designer furniture, they still have some room for improvement when it comes to the logistic networks, supply chains, customer service and quality control. Once these are taken care of, the reviews of the company available online will certainly switch overwhelmingly to the positive side.