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Mid century sectional couches and sofas: Vintage style for modern home

A quintessential stylistic element for any living room with some space to spare, mid century modern sectional sofas and couches are among the most elegant seating solutions on the modern market.

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Sectional sofas and couches are an almost quintessential element of a mid century modern home. If you have an open floor layout, there is no better way to break up the space into functional wholes without interrupting the overall continuity of the space than with a stylish mid century modern sectional. Available in a number of different models and upholstery materials, you will easily find the one that fits your home just right. But, a mid century style sectional sofa is much more than just a convenient tool for space organization, it is also a statement piece that will dominate the lounge part of your home and a highly comfortable seating solution that you can sit back and relax in, while enjoying a cup of tea and a good conversation. As relatively large and impactful furniture piece, mid century modern sectional couch is intended to last, making it a long-term investment. So, before making this investment there are several things you might want to know and keep in mind.

What is a mid century modern sectional?

MCM style in furniture design is marked by elegant simplicity with a nod to minimalism, form-follow-function postulate borrowed from the early ages of Bauhaus and a fascination with innovation that will result in designs that are a true fit for the new century. Mid century modern sectionals embody all of these qualities. They are streamlined and relatively simple designs – but don’t let their minimalist vintage aesthetic fool you – it is just a forefront for the complex interplay of precisely thought out lines and shapes that result in a balanced and elegant look.

Wooden legs are almost a must when it comes to mid century sectional sofas and couches, as they allow the light to flow underneath the piece, thus reducing its visual footprint and ensuring a properly illuminated room that won’t look cluttered or messy. Their form is usually simple, without too extravagant forms or unnecessary ornamentation – in stark contrast to previous era. With sectionals in MCM style, the primary focus is on comfort and function, while the ornamentation is absent – the aesthetic appeal stems solely from the balanced look and elegant silhouette based on complex interplay of clear lines and streamlined shapes.

Small mid century modern sectional Vs a large one

The choice between a small mid century modern sectional couch or a sofa and a truly impressive large design of the same type will be mostly determined by the specific needs and spatial limitations of your home. It goes without saying that no trick of MCM style will prevent your home from looking cluttered and confined if you just don’t have enough space to accommodate a large piece. So, if that is the case, a small mid century modern sectional sofa will do wonders – it will ensure that your home looks as spacious as you want it too, while still ensuring enough seating space and all that in a unique mid century modern style.

Mid century leather sectional Vs Fabric upholstery piece

When it comes to upholstery material of mid century leather sectionals, it is hard to make any generalization as leather in mid century style as well as different types of fabric are both equally common. Of course, the two come with significantly different stylistic and aesthetic appeal and expression, so the choice will depend on the overall décor of your home and the idea that you are trying to make reality. If you are looking for a classy, elegant and luxurious look, a mid century leather sectional will of course be of greater value as it will ensure a high end look of your home. On the other side, if you want to keep the ambience a bit more relaxed and casual, a sectional couch in fabric upholstery and same MCM style will bring a unique stylistic touch to your home, while still keeping the overall look warm, cozy and inviting.

Mid century modern sectional sofa for sale

If you feel excited and ready to hit the stores and find your ideal mid century modern sectional couch or sofa, the question that is most likely on your mind is where to buy a high-quality MCM style sectional. While your local furniture store might not be the best equipped place for meeting your demands, a number of online retailers and auctioneers might yield better results – but those that also come with a rather hefty price tag. So, if you want to avoid a significant hit on your valet and still get that design you have been dreaming about, reproductions of mid century classics might be the ideal solutions.

These designs match the original in every aspect (aside from the manufacturer) and will thus bring you the same style and comfort that made the originals so famous. But, make sure that you are looking for your new design at a store specializing in mid century modern design. With that being said, we warmly invite you to take a look at our collection of mid century modern sectional sofas for sale. We are sure you will find something that will catch your attention.