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Tolix Chairs & Stools

The Tolix collection of stainless steel chairs and stools has profoundly shaped the history of industrial design, providing the movement with some of its most iconic pieces that continue to captivate the public attention for almost a century after they have been originally designed.

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Revolution in the history of furniture design

The iconic Tolix collection of chairs and stools is held in high regard by customers and professional critics alike. Often claimed to be the most recognisable icon of industrial design, Tolix chair also known as Model A has found its place in the prestigious Vitra Museum of Modern Art as well as in New York Museum of Modern Art and world-renowned Pompidou Center. Marked by its simple, yet highly elegant flowing form constructed using revolutionary and cutting edge technologies at the time, Tolix chairs and stools rely on lightweight steel alloy protected against rust with a layer of Zinc using technology perfected by Xavier Pauchard.

Tolix collection – an icon of industrial design

Ever since Tolix chairs and stools appeared on the market in 1927, they started emerging not only in hip modern homes, but also in offices, factories and hospitals due to their immense versatility, light weight and unprecedented functionality that paid special attention to comfort and ergonomic requirements of a modern chair. As such, they have been firmly placed in the popular imagination as a true icon of industrial design – not only because of their sleek stainless steel look, but also because of the functionality and use of Tolix chairs in typical industrial settings that have been emulated by interior designers in the decades that followed.

Timeless elegance and detailed simplicity

The clean simple lines of Tolix A chair ensure unprecedented seating comfort while at the same time providing for a unique aesthetical expression. Even though the overall appearance of this iconic model is borderline minimalist, its simplicity is actually rich in detail. From the ergonomic considerations to the careful placement of angels and changes of width of the legs, Tolix A chair is rich is all those little things that make up its timelessly elegant expression.

A matching Tolix barstool that is equally popular among the design enthusiasts perfectly exemplifies this. The change of overall form with evident lack of backrests required further changes to the legs of the model in order to keep the same expression and same proportions. At the same time, all models from the Tolix collection feature carefully placed wire edge protectors that prevent injury from sharp edges. This perfectly exemplifies how much thought has been put into designing the Tolix collection with all its subtle details and variations.

Perfect blend of functionality and style

But, Tolix chairs and stools are not just aesthetical details to bring a touch of industrial vibe to your home. They are also highly functional and are sure to meet all the requirements of a modern home. Sturdy, stable and exceptionally comfortable, Tolix A model can be a perfect dining chair, especially if you are a fan of those long social gatherings that can continue far into the evening. At the same time, thanks to their protective zinc layer, Tolix chairs and stools are perfect for outdoor use as well. Easily stackable, these lightweight seating solutions are there for your comfort and to meet your requirements, while at the same time providing your home with a recognizable aesthetical expression that is sure to catch the attention of every true design enthusiast.

Premium reproduction made for a modern customer

Back when Tolix chairs and stools were first being produced, more than ninety years ago, the processes involved in their production were nothing short of revolutionary. In fact, only the factories equipped with cutting-edge technology at the time could plan to produce models such as Tolix A model or Tolix barstool. Today, however, with the advancements in the production processes and technologies utilized allow us to reimagine this iconic model. Make no mistake – our Tolix premium reproductions are indistinguishable from the original, but are made using contemporary industrial techniques which eliminate excess material and significantly reduce the production costs.

What makes our premium reproductions easily stand out is our unique approach to their production. The process starts at the drawing board with a team of young and talented designers and experienced engineers who work together in order to find the optimal way of recreating a design in such a way that the production processes will adapt to the designer’s ideas and not the other way around.