You’re probably reading this article because you want to find more creative ways to decorate your interior with a wooden bench. 

Likewise, you have surely seen some great bench designs and thought: “I want exactly that look in my home.” Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, you are going to learn where is the best way to put your bench, how to decorate it, and some more hacks that will help you to make the most out of your space.

If you want a quick peek into what we’re going to cover, here’s a summary:

1. Bedroom bench from a dream

2. Style your living room bench the right way

3. Make your hallway stand out

4. Bathroom can be more unique than you think

5. Outdoor bench decor ideas

1. Bedroom bench from a dream

In order to make the most out of your Nelson bench, you want to make sure it is incorporated into your interior in the most stylish way possible.

When it comes to the bedroom there are so many different creative alternatives to make your sleeping space stand out even more than before.
Here are some small suggestions on how you can do it:

Place it at the end of the bed

The most impactful way that will definitely give your bedroom more uniqueness is to put your  Nelson bench at the end of the bed.

Besides the obvious aesthetic point, this can be much more useful than you think. You can put clothes, books, magazines or even fruit in a basket on top of the bench.

Another good way to incorporate the bench as a decor piece is to place it next to a window or a closet.
Sometimes you don’t even need to use it as a seating option.
Instead, try putting some interesting plants, books, or accessories. 

If you still want to use your bedroom as a seating option you can move your decoration to one side and kill two birds with one stone!

2. Style your living room bench the right way

There are so many great ways to fill in the blanks when it comes to empty spaces in your living room, especially if that space is an empty corner. 

Adding a wooden bench on purpose is one of the smartest ways to incorporate your bench into your living room. 

The living room bench more often than not serves as a decor piece and style accessory rather than a seating option. 

The main reason for this is surely the number of seating options that you have already like your chairs, sofas, and lazy bags.

Blending benches

Many times you can transform your wooden bench into a wooden table that is usually behind a sofa. 

Because of that fact, many people call this way of styling your wooden bench “sofa table“. 

Make sure to put some interesting plants, books, or small storage boxes on your sofa table in order to make the best out of your new decor piece. 

You can also use your bench to place some beverages, coffee, or tea.

A great tip that you can also use to elevate the style of your living room is to put two benches together and form a small table.
With that in mind, options are endless when it comes to additional decor.

Many times you will also notice that pets love to climb onto your new table which can help you make some cool pictures for socials.

3. Make your hallway stand out

Whenever you see a stylish wooden bench in a hallway you always think to yourself that this home knows what the word style means.

There are a lot of different bench designs but the classic wooden bench definitely stands out due to its simplicity of Scandinavian design. 

The foyer of entry is maybe a perfect spot to put it in your hallway for various reasons.

You can easily put some shoes beneath but also you can sit if you feel tired after a long day of work.
Likewise, it is a great spot to put your purse or a bag.

If you want to be a bit extra creative do not hesitate to decorate your hallway bench with some accessories, figurines, or just a plant in a vase.

Have in mind that whenever you decide to put a plant on your bench you make sure it is not toxic in any way as it can easily affect children and pets.

4. Bathroom can be more unique than you think

Many people neglect this but having a nice-looking wooden bench in your bathroom can really be a game-changer.

And the thing is that not so many people come across this, which means that it is a perfect opportunity to set your home apart from the rest in terms of style.

This bold move can make a huge style statement in your interior as most of the time it is a symbol of luxury. Besides the stunning aesthetics and high-class, having a bench in your bathroom can be more than useful and practical.

Placing your towels or cosmetic products can be a very good idea, but it can actually be a pretty interesting place to just sit and rest or read a magazine.

We already established in a couple of instances throughout this article that plants can be a good move in every room and the bathroom shouldn’t be an exception.

Among all the rooms in the house, the bathroom is surely one of the most interesting ones for additional decoration so make sure it stands out.

5. Outdoor bench decor ideas

If you own a house or have a large backyard a wooden bench surely becomes an essential piece of decoration for your home.

Just like indoors, placing some plants, books or some nice-looking lanterns can be a great way to make it stand out even more.

Also if you are trying to create a good spot for socializing with your friends and family you should place your bench in the area where you spend the most time outside.

Make sure that you decorate it with something that will make it more lively like pillows, flowers, and nice-looking fruits.