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Vintage appeal of Danish mid century modern furniture

Danish furniture design from the mid century era is globally recognised as exceptionally influential, innovative and almost revolutionary. Now these vintage classics can find their place in your home, on the other side of the world.

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When we talk about the modern furniture, its design, appeal and the design philosophy behind it, it is impossible not to mention the immense contribution of Danish mid century furniture designers. These innovators and pioneers in the field of furniture design played a crucial role in making stylish modern furniture what it is today. In fact, just a quick look at the iconic classics of Danish mid century modern furniture instantly reveals a similarity with the familiar shapes and forms of contemporary furniture design.

Born out from a convergence of styles and design philosophies, unique Scandinavian mid century design style was largely shaped in Denmark from which it attained worldwide fame and appreciation, becoming one of the most influential design movements of the 20th century. Danish mid century furniture comes with a truly timeless appeal and elegance that has stood of time.

Danish mid century furniture: Defining the modern style

One of the first things to catch the attention when it comes to the vintage Danish modern furniture is its elegant and classic visual appeal. The sleek and precise lines combined with organic curves and silhouettes ensure a truly elegant expression which perfectly matches the stripped-down, streamlined and almost minimalistic aesthetic that seems to characterize the classics of Danish mid century furniture. And this is true for even the most imposing and expressive of them, like the highly elegant and classy lounge chairs that can easily serve as an accent chair in any modern living room.

The simple elegance that is considered to be one of the most central features of the Danish furniture design as a whole goes hand in hand with perhaps the most central preoccupation of the designers who created this movement at the first place – comfort and functionality. Even in the most experimental shapes and forms, Danish mid century modern furniture never strays from the ideal of a perfect fusion of style and functionality. Characteristics such as weight, ease of manufacturing process, efficiency of mass production and price of the finished products as well as ergonomics and overall comfort were prime considerations of the Danish furniture designers from the era in their pursuit of democratization of the furniture market.

Best articulated in the idea of accessibility of exquisite style for all, Danish mid century furniture was an attempt to bring exceptional style into the home of an ordinary man.

Danish mid century modern living room furniture

When it comes to the typical living room furniture – lounge chairs, sofas, stylish designer TV stands and even shelving – Danish designers certainly left their mark, either by creating some of the most iconic classics or by inspiring others to do so by following in their footsteps and utilizing their approach to design in fields unexplored before. However, when it comes to living room, Danish modern furniture truly shines when it comes to lounge chairs. From Arne Jacobsen’s iconic and elegant Egg and Swan chairs to Hans Wegner’s iconic Papa Bear Chair famous for its cozy and warm appeal, the classics of Danish mid century design continue to be some of the most cherished statement pieces in countless contemporary homes.

Danish modern furniture for the dining room

If you are planning to style or re-style your dining room, you must have encountered some of the classics of Danish mid century design, even if you might have not known it. Inspired by Scandinavian sensibilities and the Danish (and to some extent Norwegian) concept of hygge that is closely related to coziness, comfort and wellbeing in the immediate surroundings, classics of vintage Danish modern furniture more often than not come with natural elements – from warm and cozy fabric upholstery and organic shapes inspired by nature to masterful use of wood and leather.

Wood is one of the most popular materials when it comes to the production of dining chairs, so it comes as no surprise that many of the Danish classics reached worldwide fame exactly because of their suitability to be used as stylish additions to any modern dining room. We can mention that just Hans J. Wegner, known by his nickname ‘The Master of the Chair’ designed more than 100 chairs during his life, with a majority of them being wooden dining chairs which went on to become some of the most recognizable classics of Danish mid century furniture.

Danish modern bedroom furniture

Danish lounge chairs can also commonly be found in stylish bedrooms, alongside minimalist looking beds that were designed to match the overall style and aesthetic that was developing across the Scandinavian area during the mid century years. These designs are as popular bedroom choices today due to their immense comfort that is matched with exquisite, yet unimposing style. As such, Danish bedroom furniture will certainly meet the demands and requirements of the modern customer while at the same time bringing a touch of timeless style and elegance to the bedroom. Due to their rich, yet unimposing aesthetic expression, these classics of bedroom furniture can easily match a variety of different contemporary interior design styles.

Danish modern furniture for sale

Due to its immense worldwide popularity, Danish modern furniture can be easily obtained from a variety of specialized retailers, online shops and auctioneers. If you are on the tech-savvy side, you can even try your luck on internet stores such as eBay or Amazon. However, as many of the original manufacturers still hold the patent, the price tag can get rather hefty. But, this should not discourage you from getting a touch of Danish style to your home. There are many ways to obtain high-quality yet inexpensive Danish modern furniture. Some of the auctions and even retailer might have an offer of used Danish furniture pieces which can be a good opportunity. As these designs were manufactured with great care, just minimal maintenance efforts can be enough to keep the designs looking fresh for decades. So, this is certainly an option.

On the other hand, reproductions of Danish mid century modern furniture can be an ideal option if you are not a fan of used goods. Here at byBESPOEK we take great pride in our unique approach to the production of premium quality Danish vintage furniture which includes many of the most iconic classics of Danish mid century modern furniture design. So, feel free to browse our collection and bring exquisite style and one-of-a-kind comfort to your home.