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Victoria and Louis Ghost Chairs Premium Reproductions

With unique aesthetical expression and timeless elegance stemming from a combination of modern materials and style inspired by antique armchairs, Philippe Starck’s Ghost chair is a must-have addition for a modern home.

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Iconic Ghost Chairs design in transparent acrylic

With unique aesthetic rooted in clear acrylic and antique style completely reimagined for a modern home, Starck Chairs are still highly sought-after throughout the world, decades since their original release. Starck’s amazing talent for innovation in the field of designer furniture certainly got the widest publicity thanks to his Victoria Ghost side chair and Louis Ghost small armchair which are considered to be his most iconic works to this day. Highly sought-after, they are among the most common acrylic dining chair that you can find in modern stylish homes.

Both of Philippe Starck chairs are transparent polycarbonate acrylic designer furniture masterpieces inspired by the classical style of French Baroque, but with an undeniably modern twist. Elegant, yet highly functional, Ghost chair excels at bringing a unique aesthetical touch to your home while at the same time providing you with an exceptionally comfortable seating solution that can easily fit in numerous interior design styles. This amazing versatility makes them equally suitable for the living room and dining room, but also for indoor and outdoor use. Easy to maintain, stackable and lightweight, Victoria and Louis Ghost chairs come with unimpeded functionality that is sure to amaze.

A French Baroque-inspired antique aesthetic for a modern home

Inspired by the antiqued French baroque armchairs that were all the hype among the French 17th century nobility, designer Philippe Starck set out on a journey to recreate this ages-old aesthetic in such a way that it can find its new place in the modern home. The oval-shaped backrest, reminiscent of antique French medallions takes the forefront in the unique aesthetical expression of Starck chair. In the case of Louis Ghost chairs, a modern design of Louis XVI chair, this element is complemented by elegant armrests that perfectly complete the stripped-down contours of the period armchairs, reimagined in a truly modern way, while Victoria Ghost chair combines this element with an almost minimalist form to create a subtle and unimposing aesthetical expression. Both of ghost chair models were originally designed for Kartell furniture company and became true hits shortly after they first appeared on the modern markets.

Style and functionality in clear acrylic chairs

With their clear, flowing, simple lines and truly one-of-a-kind aesthetical expression that effortlessly bridges the three-centuries stylistic gap, Starck’s chairs are icons of modern design that looks to the past for inspiration. With both Victoria and Louis Ghost chair being available in clear, transparent form as well as in vivid colors, these models can easily complement elements from various modern interior design styles and movements.

And with acrylic as its only constituent material, Starck’s chairs are also lightweight, injection molded acrylic, suitable seat height, and completely weather-resistant which makes them an ideal choice for stylish patio furniture and perfect for your modern dining table. As such, Victoria and Louis Ghost chair perfectly embody yet another quality of top-notch mid-century dining chair design, namely, the flawless blend of style and functionality that ensures that neither is superordinate to the other. As such, Starck’s chair are sure to provide you not only with exquisite style, but also exceptional comfort, both in your home and your garden. The retro aesthetic of these models still looks fresh ensuring their place in contemporary decor. The clear surfaces, simple, yet expressive lines, and the unique aesthetics all contribute to the sleek contemporary appeal of Ghost chair.

Philippe Starck’s Ghost chairs premium reproductions made for you

All of these qualities made Victoria and Louis Ghost chair highly sought-after throughout the world, with both of these models achieving the status of true modern design icons. But, if you’re not looking forward to getting a good hit on your valet for a set of Ghost chair, you will certainly be glad to learn that you can buy or add to cart our premium reproduction of this timeless classic at just a fraction of the original price. But aside from the affordable price, we also offer you the same aesthetical expression and comfort that made the original so famous. Our premium reproduction is far from your average Ghost chair reproduction – the production processes are carefully planned out in line with the original design specifications, with the innovations in the process being guided by the designer’s intention behind every line and behind every detail.

The end result is a design that is identical to the original down to the smallest detail, including the most subtle proportions, suitable seat height, the thickness of the material on every inch of the chair, as well as the exact curvature of every line. Our attention to detail is crucial because exactly the smallest details are those elements that profoundly shape the unique aesthetical expression of the Starck chairs. They are what shapes the play of light as it travels through the translucent acrylic polycarbonate and what ensures the exquisite seating comfort that this model is well-known for. Add to cart now and view the full details.

A versatile Ghost Chairs design by Philippe Starck

Maybe the best testimony to Starck’s design mastery is the fact that a plastic transparent chair can be so versatile and so suitable for all those who really wish to use stylish designer furniture for changing the feel of the space and expressing their unique take on the style. But, while the transparency of Ghost chair can be used for a great stylistic effect that is certainly not something you can see every day, the colored models are those which really excel at this. These shaded transparent chairs can bring an array of vivid colors to your home with their playful appearance, without taking too much attention or looking too out of place even in the most stylishly elegant homes. The crystal clear appearance can easily transform any of these chairs into an accent piece for your living room and dining room with their glossy clear appeal, but at the same time, they don’t have to take attention away from your more cherished pieces. With stylistic versatility following the functional value of each Ghost chair model, you can easily mix and match up with your modern dining table to get the desired result.

As such, Ghost armchair as well as Victoria chair can be equally at home in Scandinavian style, industrial design, or even Bohemian chic. With this versatility – stylistic and functional – Philippe Starck’s chairs are a must-have seating solution for all those who really enjoy mixing and matching to give their home a unique personal signature.