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Acrylic chairs in mid century modern style

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A dining chair for the industrial age

With their stylish and minimalist appeal, clear dining chairs have been online for quite some time now. Originally, they appeared in the market somewhere in the beginning of second half of the 20th century, when the industrial processes allowing their production were originally perfected. It didn’t took long for the designers with a flair for innovation to utilise this new material and the new industrial technologies in order to create seat with a style that was unknown up until that point.

The first thing that is an eye catching when it comes to dining chairs is their unique aesthetic. Clear or matt, all seats have a certain level of transparency that profoundly shapes their unique aesthetic expression. Rooted in mid-century aesthetic, they come with a bit of a retro touch, but are undoubtedly modern. Some designers have highly capitalized on this – Philippe Starck’s dining chair known as Victoria Ghost side chair borrows the elements of its form from the French 17th century court chairs in baroque style, but further simplifies the overall appearance, drawing its appeal from this contrast and tension between old and new. Acrylic chair with arms by the same designer, namely, Louis Ghost armchair pushes this idea even further to have an eye catching chair that could be place either in living room or in dining room or both.

Both of these models were originally designed as completely clear transparent dining chairs, but are now available in a number of different shades, seat height, and tints so they can easily fit in in countless contemporary interior styles. As such, stylistic versatility perfectly complements the functional versatility of dining chairs, making them an ideal solution for a modern dining room, as well as in the living room.

Why acrylic chairs?

Plexiglass chairs have many benefits going for them – they are lightweight, completely resistant to water and elements, as easy to clean as they can be and on top of that, they come with an undoubtedly modern stylistic expression. These are perfect with modern dining table that is an eye catching in the dining room. While very popular as dining chairs, acrylic desk and office chairs aren’t that uncommon, especially in modern home offices, where they can perfectly satisfy all the functional demands without disrupting the stylistic vibe of either dining or living room or even bedroom.

Acrylic chair types

As was already implied, dining chairs come in many different forms – from dining to office chairs, and from acrylic side chairs to dining chairs with arms – the market certainly isn’t lacking when it comes to this. This material is very easy to work with as it can be molded in any regularly equipped factory or workshop. This at the same time allows the designers to freely experiment with dining chairs and push the boundaries.

Some of the most notable examples include Philippe Starck’s Victoria Ghost dining chair or Louis Ghost armchair from the same collection. Another truly revolutionary design is Eero Aarnio Bubble acrylic hanging chair in retro-futuristic style. The versatility of this material easily translates in the diversity of models, shapes and forms available.

Plexiglass chairs are very functional and have many benefits we have discussed before, but how do they fair to their more conventional counterparts when it comes to styling? Well, for starters, the versatility of colors, shades, seat height, and tints of the seat for sale on the modern market allows them to easily fit in in numerous interior design styles utilized today. The clear, transparent models are more sought-after by those who have homes decorated in minimalist of Scandinavian style – there, the ethereal expression will further emphasize the airiness and lightness of the room, while those who are more in favor of décor styles such as boho-chic might be more interested in vividly colored plexiglass chairs. Finally, some of these models come with a truly unique aesthetic, such as Eero Saarinen’s Tulip dining chair, and those models are mostly sought by design enthusiasts who don’t mind going an extra step with their interior design efforts in order to fit in these iconic models rich in history.

Where to buy acrylic dining chairs?

The answer to this question largely depends on which models are you most interested in. If you are looking for Victoria or Louis Ghost clear dining chairs for sale, it is not as likely to find them on a garage sale, as would be the case with, for example, acrylic patio furniture or even acrylic office chairs which have been popular in the previous years. Philippe Starck’s dining chair and armchair are usually best bought from retailers specializing in midcentury furniture.

In our offer, you will find the premium reproduction of two of the most popular models, namely the acrylic Ghost chairs. With a focus on high quality of acryl used in production, we can ensure long durability, suitable seat height, and no stiffness even when you expose them to direct sunlight for prolonged periods. However, if you are looking for seats for sale, without having any specific model in mind, your local furniture stores might be a good option, even though the quality might be lower in that case, resulting in shorter durability and seat becoming brittle in time. And why not check out garage sales for some vintage seats – you never know what you might find.

Delivered to your door in 72 hours

Arrives fully assembled, easy

Handmade Premium Quality