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Refresh your living room with a stylish mid century accent chair

Make your interior design efforts count and embellish your home with a beautiful and attention-grabbing accent chair in timeless mid century modern style.

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There seems to be much confusion about what an accent chair really is. Many use this term as a synonym for lounge chair or armchair, but that is far from true. An accent chair is any chair, regardless of its exact type, that has a function much greater than purely practical – it is a statement piece that has a profound impact on the overall aesthetic of the room that it is placed within. The overwhelming stylistic and aesthetical value of an accent chair is what separates it from any other designer chair or seating solution. Additional clarification is still much needed here, though.

When we speak about mid century furniture design, we talk about a design movement and a unique, authentic style that developed precisely on the idea of fusion of style and functionality. As such, any mid century modern chair can appear to be an accent chair in a way and this is not far from the truth. In reality, as any interior designer will tell you, what makes certain chair an accent chair is its stylistic use, its position in a room and its relations to other décor and interior design element. In other words, mid century accent chair is not defined as a statement piece by itself, but by the way that it is incorporated in your overall décor. That being said, some models are still more commonly associated with the idea of a statement piece than the others. So, let’s take a closer look.

Mid century accent chair in the dining room

Even though statement pieces are most commonly associated with living room furniture, they can just as easily be found in other rooms in a modern home. Dining room is an especially common, yet just as commonly overlooked example. When you have a set of MCM dining chairs, an accent chair can be that one chair that stands out from the rest because of its form, its silhouette, material it is made from or even just its position. Mid century modern accent chairs are commonly found in the dining room very commonly rely on material contrast to make their impact on the space. Popular examples include a Wegner chair among the plastic dining chairs or an upholstered Jacobsen’s drop among plywood Ant chairs.

On the other hand, a translucent acrylic Ghost chair by Philippe Starck can work perfectly well as a mid century modern accent chair when combined with either plastic chairs (so the contrast is in color, not the material itself) or with other wooden chairs – in a kind of a reversal on the previous example. In either case, your imagination is the only limit. And with a huge number of stylish dining chairs rich in character and stylistic expression, you can easily find your mid century modern accent chair with a bit of thought put into the way that you can combine it with other classics from the same period.

Mid century modern accent chair for the living room

Living room, a lounge and studio are the most common places to put your statement furniture piece and this is where mid century accent chairs can truly come to prominence. Unlike the dining room, living room allows you to experiment with different types, forms and silhouettes. When it comes to mid century modern accent chairs, lounge chairs and armchairs are the most popular option due to their imposing size and form which was built to impress. Classics such as Hans Wegner’s Papa Bear Chair, Arne Jacobsen’s Swan or Egg chair are perhaps the most famous mid century modern accent chairs. These statement pieces are sure to catch some well-deserved attention in any living room and add a completely new layer of style, elegance and visual interest to your home.

Mid century leather accent chairs

With its luxurious appeal and elegant look, leather is arguably the most common upholstery type of mid century leather accent chairs. It easily stands out among other décor elements which only rarely rely on leather as its main material and it catches the attention instantly with its unique appeal. Of course, that is not to say that other upholstery types such as fabric are not popular, but the two come with different stylistic expressions. As such, fabric upholstery can easily get ‘lost’ in the aesthetic expression of other upholstered furniture, carpet, curtains and similar. But, a mid century modern leather accent chair is sure to stand out and grab the attention with its unique elegant appeal.