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Mid century modern bed: Sleeping in style

With characteristic tapered legs, elegant structure and expressive form, a mid century modern bed will easily become the vintage focal point of your bedroom ensuring comfortable sleep – in style.

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One might assume that beds have been purely functional pieces of furniture throughout much of history, but that is not entirely true. In fact, it was very early in the middle ages when bedroom furniture became exceptionally stylish and closely associated with status and prestige. As the centuries went by and democratization of the market ramped up, ordinary people started using their bedroom furniture to make stylistic statements and further elaborate their specific décor preferences.

With all that considered, bed still remains one of the most practical pieces of furniture. Many of us would say that we want our bed to be comfortable for sleep, first and foremost, with its style and elegance being secondary concerns. But, there’s no reason for not having both. In fact, fusion of exceptional comfort and exquisite style was something on which whole of mid century modern furniture design relies. With that in mind, it comes as no surprise that mid century modern beds are among the most sought-after pieces of bedroom furniture on the modern market. With their unique aesthetic and comfort made to last, they are high on the list of best long-term investments when it comes to bedroom furniture.

Defining mid century modern bed

Mid century modern beds are instantly recognizable by their sleek, elegant form (with an ever-present nod to minimalism), simple silhouettes and disregard for excess and unnecessary ornamentation. You will most commonly come across mid century wood beds as this material was extremely popular during the mid century era, but in some cases other artificial materials and even metal might be used. Still, in terms of material, wood is still far above the competition and it certainly is a good choice for your stylish bedroom due to its natural beauty and texture which will ensure a rich expression that is still rather subtle, natural and relaxing.

If you are looking for a mid century modern bed that might have a bit more elegant expression or you are simply not a fan of raw wooden details, then you will be pleased to hear that upholstered mid century beds are the second most common type that you can come across. In these cases, wooden frame is still present, but it is upholstered in fabric. These models are especially popular since they come in a variety of different colors so you can easily find the variation that perfectly fits the overall décor of your bedroom. And if you want to push further with that aesthetic, maybe you could consider a stylish mid century sleeper sofa?

Mid century modern bed frame

Mid century beds most commonly come with a simple frame that is rather generic in its shape and size so that it easily matches most of the mattresses you can buy. Without any ornamentation, the frame in typical mid century style will most commonly come with tapered legs and very rarely with the base touching the floor. This is so because mid century modern bed frames, just like for example tables or dining chairs from the same era, are designed in such a way that they allow the room to flow freely through the room, including beneath the main base of the bed. This will create a slight illusion of space and will reduce the visual footprint of the bed.

Mid century modern bed frames also include a pronounced headboard which follows the no-ornamentation approach of the base. In line with the postulates of mid century furniture design, this part of the bed frame is also designed with simple elegance in mind and can be upholstered in a number of models, while others retain the natural look of wood. These models really shine when matched with other bedroom designer furniture in the same style.

Mid century king bed and mid century modern queen bed

Mid century modern beds come in all the standard sizes, including both king size and queen size beds. In fact, these models are somewhat more common than the beds designed for one person. Why is that so is up to debate, but some of the experts in the era seem to argue that mid century king size and queen size beds were more in line with the ideas of comfort and accessibility of that comfort to everybody.

Mid century daybed

Stylish and elegant daybeds are perhaps even more famous than mid century beds as they have been designed with somewhat more experimentation and a bit less focus on pure functionality. While many elegant, highly stylish and exceptionally comfortable mid century daybeds have been designed during the years, the model that caught perhaps the most attention significantly predates the mid century era, although it flawlessly anticipates the trends, postulates and considerations of the design movement. We are talking, of course, about Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona daybed designed to match his world-famous Barcelona chair from the 1920s. Designs such as this are still considered to be among the most elegant and stylish additions to any modern living room.