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Mid century bedroom set: Bedroom furniture for perfect style

An all-in-one solution for your bedroom that will ensure flawless continuity of style and perfect harmony of different furniture pieces – get your mid century bedroom set now and transform your home into a masterpiece of period interior design.

Delivered to your door in 72 hours

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Refurnishing your bedroom, but not sure where to start? Feel a bit frightened about finding cabinets, beds, cupboards and nightstands that match? If you aren’t looking forward to experimenting with different models with a risk of trial-and-error approach, you will be glad to learn that there is an easier way. Bedroom sets are collections of bedroom furniture that are hand picked by experienced interior designers or designed as a part of a larger collection so that you can rest assured that each and every piece will perfectly fall in its place, ensuring a balanced décor where nothing will stand out. Mid century modern bedroom set will offer all this, but with a vintage appeal and timeless elegance that are so characteristic of the MCM style.

Mid century modern bedroom furniture: Making a set

The first question that you might ask is what exactly is included in a mid century modern furniture set. There is no precise answer to this, but most commonly, the term refers to the collection of cabinets, nightstands and sideboards, while in some cases even the headboard, cupboard and the whole bed might be included. All of them are based on the same design principles and the same design philosophy, namely the core postulates of mid century style. This means that all the pieces of a mid century bedroom set will be made in the same type of wood, with the same finish. All will share smooth, precise lines making up a streamlined and simple, yet elegant form. All will avoid excess ornamentation, relying instead on play with symmetry and forms for their stylistic value and aesthetic expression.

Making a set involves combining these pieces in a certain way. And while a  mid century bedroom set will provide you with several pieces that match each other in style and character, you will still have to pay special attention to place this bedroom furniture in a way that will ensure proper utilization of space, to match the colors and to add lamps or other décor accessories that will make the most out of it.

Mid century modern king bedroom set

King bedroom sets, also known as full bedroom sets are completely finished collections of bedroom furniture which will leave little to be added. Most commonly they include a whole bed, potentially a storage space underneath the bed, headboard, nightstands and several storage units. Mid century modern king bedroom sets are an ideal solution for those who are looking to completely equip their bedroom with stylish furniture with just one purchase. So, the biggest pro of getting a king set is the fact that you will pretty much have the whole bedroom ready in regards to furniture. However, as a downside, a full set will somewhat limit your freedom of experimentation and mixing and matching. Still, finding a set that exactly matches your preferences and expectations might very well be worth the effort and money invested.

Vintage mid century bedroom set in a modern home

If you might be worried that a whole set of mid century bedroom furniture might seem just a bit too vintage, too retro or simply too out of place in your modern home, then we are glad to help you put your worries aside. Mid century furniture is highly versatile, both in terms of pragmatic value and stylistic use, so it can easily blend in a number of interior design styles. However, this still doesn’t mean that you can make a blind pick when it comes to the choice of your bedroom set. You will still need to pay attention to the overall décor in your home to make the best possible choice. So, for example, if you are going for a more sophisticated and serious approach, a mid century bedroom set in walnut or dark finish will be an ideal choice that will allow for a smooth transition from your main living area to your bedroom.

However, if your apartment is decorated in a bright and airy manner, possibly in a combination of neutrals, natural colors or pastels with more saturated accents, then sets in brighter types of wood might be more suitable. And of course, if you want to get that rustic touch from your mid century bedroom furniture set, then woods such as oak, marked by prominent texture of the wood grain might be an ideal choice. In conclusion, even with a predetermined set, you still have many options and much freedom to ensure that your vintage-style bedroom will perfectly match the overall style of your home.