CH24 Wishbone Chair

A flawless reproduction of Hans Wegner’s iconic Wishbone chair – a Scandinavian mid-century masterpiece for your own home.

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Timeless style for your home

When it first started taking shape, Scandinavian design was a game-changer for the furniture industry. Anticipating the decline of massive, dark and pricy baroque-style furniture, a new generation of designers and architects pioneered a bold new style that aimed to fuse comfort, functionality and style, while ensuring the affordability of the end result.

This democratization of the market, led by big names of furniture design was perfectly embodied in Hans Wegner’s iconic Wishbone chair, also known as Y-Chair. With its sleek and organic form and natural wooden look, Ch24 left a lasting mark on furniture industry, revolutionizing our very idea of a dining chair.

The timeless style and elegance of this icon of Scandinavian mid-century design are sure to give a unique sophisticated touch to every room and make your interior design efforts really noticed.

A flawless reproduction made for you

The legacy of this era, exemplified by Hans J. Wegner’s Y Chair, still shapes the design practices to this day. Inspired by Wegner’s iconic design, we embarked on a journey of recreating this classic, taking up the challenge of following in Wegner’s footsteps in terms of manufacturing techniques, material selection and all the way down to the smallest detail. The result is an impeccable reproduction of the iconic Wishbone chair, one that is rooted in the same design philosophy while also ticking all the right boxes for the 21st century consumer.

Premium quality that will last for decades to come

By staying true to the design philosophy that gave birth to Hans Wegner’s most iconic piece, we ensured that our dining chairs embody all the same qualities. By fusing cutting edge industrial processes with traditional craftsmanship we managed to preserve the natural texture and feel of wood and emphasize the elegant and organic flow of lines while still keeping the production costs at the minimum, thus ensuring the affordability and low price of our Wishbone chair reproductions.

At the same time, our relentless search for impeccable quality led us back to the fine art of carpentry and joinery. By employing the same manufacturing techniques that Wegner developed specifically for the production of the Wishbone chair, our skilled team of craftsmen will make sure that the quality of the final product matches the furniture of the highest class.

Blending technology and craftsmanship for your comfort

All the bent parts of the Y chair are produced in one piece, without taking a shortcut with a steam box – instead, carefully selected pieces of finest quality wood are completely submerged in a special hot solution for carefully monitored period of time. This crucial step overlooked by many manufacturers ensures that the wood can be easily bent into perfect shape without compromising the structural integrity of the piece.

The same attention is given to the hand-woven paper cord seat, produced by specially trained traditional craftsmen out of as much as 400ft of paper cord. All the materials used for the production of our Wishbone chair reproduction are carefully sourced to ensure premium quality that will last for decades to come!

Top-notch design at affordable prices

The impact Scandinavian mid-century design had on our view of furniture and interior design is nothing short of revolutionary. And at the core of this immense success is unwavering pursuit of ever-greater democratization of the market on numerous levels. On one hand, Scandinavian designers created for the common man, and for the large masses, bridging the historic gap between style and cost. By introducing state of the art design of impeccable elegance and style to the home of an ordinary person, Scandinavian designers made a strong statement that continues to inspire – great design should be accessible to all and not just the privileged few.

A classic touch for your modern home

The timeless style and elegance embodied in the seemingly simple minimalistic aesthetic allow the iconic Wishbone chair to perfectly fit in with countless contemporary interior design styles. As such, our perfect reproduction is sure to bring a unique classic touch to your modern home and catch some well-deserved attention! This perfect compatibility with numerous stylistic tastes and preferences is an important factor contributing to the unwavering popularity of Wegner’s Ch24.

With natural materials, simple, clear, yet flowing and organic lines, low cost and perfect comfort, we stayed true to the core principles of the philosophy of Scandinavian design. Our dining chairs certainly draw inspiration from Hans Wegner, but they also provide an original answer to the challenges of furniture design in the 21st century with state of the art manufacture and design processes involved in the recreation of this iconic piece.

Delivered to your door in 72 hours

Arrives fully assembled, easy

Handmade Premium Quality