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Mid century bathroom vanity: A stylish addition to a modern bathroom

Make your home stand out and break the monotony of stark appearance of modern bathrooms with a lovely mid century modern bathroom vanity that is sure to bring a touch of that vintage warmth.

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Who says bathroom is a purely functional part of a modern home? Even if it was at some time in the past, bathrooms have been in the focus of interior designers’ attention for decades now, just as much as any other space in the home. With some clever décor decisions and subtle touches, you can make your toilet stylish and impressive to round up the décor efforts in your home as a whole. And when it comes to furnishing, arguably the most impactful piece will be a bathroom vanity. This unit which combines bathroom cabinets with sink (and lights in some cases) will be the most used and central piece, so you should definitely keep in mind its aesthetical value when making your choice.

Mid century modern bathroom vanity is a highly stylish and elegant piece of furniture that is sure to serve its purpose flawlessly while at the same time adding a completely new and refreshing layer of visual interest paired with aesthetic expression that ensures a classy retro vibe, rich in classic mid century modern elegance.

What is a mid century modern bathroom vanity

Combining the functions of bathroom cabinet and sink, bathroom vanity is a truly unique piece of furniture that offers you storage space that at the same time hides the piping from view, and a top surface with built in sink and waterproof panel. This two-in-one kind of practical value certainly caught the attention of MCM furniture designers known for their appreciation of fusion between stylish and functional. The resulting mid century bathroom vanities are amazingly elegant pieces of furniture that will profoundly shape the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. Combining natural appeal and raw beauty of wood with marble or ceramic waterproof surface, they easily stand out with their impeccable style, but at the same time flawlessly blend into the overall décor of any stylish and modern bathroom.

Very commonly present legs of the mid century modern bathroom vanities have an important role of reducing the visual footprint of the unit, preventing the ambience of clutter and lack of space, while the often minimalist top surface with a mid century modern bathroom sink will round up the whole design, flawlessly and inseparably combining style and functionality.

Mid century modern bathroom: Décor done right

Your mid century modern sink cabinet will be at its stylistic peak if you go one step forward and combine it with other smaller décor details. Many of the bathroom vanities made in mid century modern style will largely benefit from a large mirror placed just above them. A metal frame of the mirror can create a nice contrast to the mostly wooden sink cabinet, while the choice of wood frame will create a sense of continuity. The choice between the two will depend on the exact aesthetic expression you are looking to get. Speaking of contrast-continuity opposition, we can also mention house plants which can work beautifully with these furniture units. Just a little bit of greenery will make the natural texture and color of your mid century modern bathroom vanity truly stand out. And of course, the addition of cleverly positioned lighting fixtures can significantly change the overall ambience of your bathroom, especially if the light is reflected from the mirror. But more on that in a bit.

Mid century modern bathroom vanity lights

Unlike with certain vanity tables, mid century modern bathroom vanity doesn’t come with integrated lighting solution. In fact, in terms of style, it can look just as elegant with just your central bathroom lighting solution. But, the additions of vanity lighting in the same style is sure to boost the aesthetical value of your piece exponentially. And that is without even mentioning the practical aspects of getting some. Wall sconces and pendants work wonderfully with mid century bathroom vanities, while table lamps are not the best idea – due to stylistic and practical reasons alike.

Mid century modern bathroom sink: Core piece of your bathroom vanity

When you make a decision to buy a mid century bathroom vanity, the sink will come integrated into it, so you should definitely pay attention to choose the model that will fit your bathroom not just stylistically, but also in terms of dimensions, positions of your piping and similar. Some models come with a sink that is embedded into the top surface, while other feature a bowl-like sink that is connected to the main part of the bathroom vanity just at the very bottom.

Mid century bathroom vanity for sale

If you are looking to buy a bathroom vanity in mid century modern style, you will most likely have to search for it in a store or on an internet website of companies specializing in mid century modern furniture. Despite the elegance and timeless appeal that certainly characterize mid century modern bathroom vanities, these units are not as common as you might assume. The combination of a truly unique aesthetic and sometimes a hefty price led to them being mostly reserved for period furniture enthusiasts. However, this doesn’t mean that they are not suitable for modern home – on the contrary! With their simple elegance ensuring timeless appeal, mid century modern bathroom vanities for sale today can be an ideal addition to any stylish and modern bathroom.