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Mid century benches in wood or stylish upholstery

Versatile in their functionality as well as their stylistic use, vintage mid century modern benches are one furniture piece that can effortlessly find its place in any stylish and modern home.

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Often considered to be one of the oldest types of furniture in existence, benches have a long history during which they have been created and recreated in a number of different styles. From heavily ornamented and luxurious designs that decorated the courts of medieval Europe to simple slat benches that you can relax on while enjoying in your backyard, the simplicity of this design is its greatest strength.

During the mid century era, reimagining ages-old designs was a very common part of the creative process. So it comes as no surprise that many of the designers from the era decided to devote their time to creating benches for the 20th century home. And the results are nothing short of stunning. With exceptional style rooted in simple elegance and clean lines as well as comfort that continues to amaze, mid century modern benches are as sought-after today as they have been in the previous decades.

Mid century entryway bench

Entryways are one of the places in modern home where you are most likely to place a bench – this approach has been highlighted in many décor tips and the sheer functionality of this piece of furniture makes it an ideal choice. Mid century modern entryway benches tried to push the pragmatic value even further while fusing it with unique aesthetic of the 1950s design style. Many of these models are also classified as storage benches (more on that in a bit) in order to provide you with the space for putting away keys, hats, umbrellas or whatever you might be carrying outside with you. Many models also include space beneath the bench surface intended for the storage of shoes.

Mid century modern storage bench

A storage bench is a type of furniture that fuses bench with a cabinet or a sideboard. As such, it can include several cabinets or drawers either beneath of next to the sitting surface. Alternatively, they can include a number of hutches or rely on the top surface itself as a cover for a chest or box-type storage space hidden within the bench itself. Mid century storage benches are similar in style to cabinets and sideboards from the same era and they perfectly exemplify the preoccupation with the functional and pragmatic that is so characteristic of mid century design.

Mid century dining bench

Dining benches are somewhat taller than the other types of this piece of furniture as they are intended to be used by the dining table and replace several dining chairs. As such, they are an ideal stylistic choice if you are looking for a more minimal and less cluttered ambience in your dining room – as the multitude of chair legs can sometimes create that sensation, especially when the space is relatively narrow. They come in a variety of different models and upholstery types, from those made completely out of wood to those with luxurious and cozy upholstery of premium quality.

Mid century leather bench

Speaking of luxurious upholstery, we of course have to note that mid century leather benches make up a distinct category by themselves. Rich in character, they can easily speak volumes of your sophisticated sense of taste and appreciation of elegance. Combined with an almost minimalist and streamlined form characteristic to the era, this luxurious upholstery type will not look out of place or over-the-top. On the contrary, mid century leather benches are very balanced in their stylistic expression and are icons of typical subtle elegance that hides a complex train of thought leading to the sleek appearance that makes them so popular.

Mid century outdoor bench

Although MCM style is mostly related to architecture and interior design, there are some truly outstanding mid century modern outdoor benches that will bring a touch of classic vintage appeal to your stylish backyard. Commonly available as slat benches, they often use wood as their primary material, although it is sometimes combined with metal or plastic to complete the look. Maybe less popular than their indoor counterparts, mid century outdoor benches are still sought-after and appreciated for their unique appeal that is sure to fit any patio.

Mid century upholstered bench

Many of the mid century modern benches are upholstered either in fabric or leather. As we have already discussed leather upholstery with its luxurious and sophisticated appeal, here we would mention the fabric upholstery models which come with somewhat less high-end appeal, but which can certainly do wonders for your décor efforts. The simple and elegant form of the bench will get a completely new layer of visual interest due to combination of textures, while the fabric in many different colors will let you find the model that will flawlessly fit in your preferred color scheme.

Styling with mid century benches

Commonly placed in the entryways and living rooms (dining rooms to in case of a dining bench), mid century modern benches are very versatile, both in their practical and stylistic use. Speaking of sheer functionality, we can mention all the different uses discussed above and some more – like telephone bench (although this one is obviously less common these days), or stylish modern daybeds that come very close to benches in terms of their design. Stylistically, they can be an ideal element for your home due to their unimposing yet elegant appeal. While fabric upholstery will create an aura of coziness, leather models will bring a touch of sophisticated elegance. Even mid century wood benches can bring much more than just the rustic appeal rooted in natural texture and color of wood. If you get one in walnut, the dark color paired with glossy shine will bring a unique touch of elegance that will almost match that of leather upholstery, but with less high-end feel. And with some décor elements like cushions, sheepskins, throws or covers, mid century benches can easily be customized until their aesthetic expression matches that which you were trying to achieve.