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Mid century floor lamps: Best floor lamps for a modern home

Browse our collection of mid century modern floor lamps. Each model in our offer is a premium-quality reproduction of classic designer lighting solution that stood the test of time and shine as bright today as they did decades ago.

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Between modern and antique floor lamps

The mid century era was a period during which lighting design became what it is today. During this period, the new generation of mostly Scandinavian designers explored new opportunities and new approaches which helped shape the golden standard for the lamp design today. Anticipating what will come yet working with what is available, these designers created works which are somewhere in-between antique and modern, vintage and contemporary. This tension between the old and the new is at the root of the unique appeal and timeless elegance of mid century modern floor lamps, regardless of the amazing variety of the specifications of different models. From antique brass to brushed nickle and from marble base to oil rubbed bronze, mid century modern lamps have something to offer for everybody.

Industrial floor lamps

While mid century Scandinavian design played a profound role in shaping the idea of a contemporary floor lamp, there was another crucial wave of influence which was much less localized, but which originated in certain parts of Europe and the United States. This new design movement is known today as industrial design. Industrial floor lamps are easily recognizable due to their vintage industrial feel – most of these models can be easily imagined in the late 19th century factories in the US. Many of these unique floor lamps are tripod floor lamps that look more like contemporary floor lamps than some of the more vintage models.

What is the best floor lamp for you?

The answer to this question largely depends on the intended use of your new lighting solution. Bedroom floor lamps will come with a different set of requirements than for example office floor lamps. Some of the models will provide precisely directed and functional light which makes them among the best floor lamps for reading, while others will excel at providing atmospheric and ambient glow that will profoundly influence the feel of the room, but which might not be so ideal for working (although, those can be easily combined with table lamps). So, it is important to set your criteria early on and then choose the models which will fit the role you intended for them. Base and shade are equally important when making this decision. The former will determine the position and height of your lamp, while the latter plays a crucial role in shaping the quality of light – for example, glass shade will filter the light in a different way than wood or plastic. However, both of these together will determine the overall aesthetic impact a lamp will have. So be equally careful when deciding on the material of your lamp base – sleek and cold chrome design is vastly different from gold colored metal, to name just one contrast.

Floor lamps for sale? Where to buy them?

If you are looking to get cheap floor lamps, your first instinct might be to check websites such as eBay or Amazon, or maybe even local stores such as Walmart. However, while it is not impossible to find some good quality products there, if you really want to ensure that your mid century floor lamps will be of highest quality and exquisite style, then it is smarter to get your new light fixture from a retailer that specializes in mid century modern furniture.

Cheap floor lamps might not always come with best quality, but here at byBESPOEK, we take great pride in premium quality of our designs. All of our mid century floor lamps are premium-quality reproductions of some of the most iconic classics of the era and they are manufactured in such a way that highest quality is absolutely guaranteed while the excess material and unnecessary costs are kept to the minimum in order to ensure affordability without compromising on quality.

Styling with mid century floor lamps

With a number of different uses, mid century floor lamps come with a diverse array of models, shapes and forms. But aside from practical functions, they also come in various stylistic and aesthetical expressions. Some of the models feature a single shade that directs the light downwards, while others rely on multiple semi-transparent shades for ambient and diffuse light. Some floor lamps are ideal for living room, while others are more of bedroom type floor lamps. Some models are very sleek, elegant and simple which makes them ideal office floor lamp, while others, on the contrary, come with elaborate and sculptural appeal and a touch of vintage appeal. These rustic floor lamps are especially popular for stylish homes where they can easily bring a touch of mid century elegance while illuminating the room with a soft, warm and inviting glow.

The retro lamps in mid century modern style come in a variety of materials, so there are plenty of options to choose from. Models you can find on our website also come in a variety of colors. Black floor lamps, as well as their white counterparts are among the most sought after models, but we also offer you to get your designs in a number of other colors – from dimmed shades which retain the sophisticated elegance of the black and white models, to vivid and playful colors to match them with your bald color palette.

Delivered to your door in 72 hours

Arrives fully assembled, easy

Handmade Premium Quality