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Scandinavian dining chairs premium reproductions

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The most influental design movement of the 20th century

Scandinavian design is arguably the single most influential design movement and design philosophy of the 20th century. Originating in the Scandinavian countries as the name implies, this unique style is deeply rooted in Scandinavian sensibilities, aesthetics and worldview. Today, Scandinavian style can mean a lot of things – from specific décor style, to furniture design and even aesthetical details such as chair covers, cushions or even mugs and glasses. However, what really made Scandinavian design so popular are vintage dining chairs designed and manufactured in line with the spirit of an era thanks to the creative genius of some of the most talented and productive furniture designers that ever lived.

Antique Scandinavian dining chairs

Most of the Scandinavian dining chairs reproductions you can find in our offer are more than half a century old, being originally designed in the 1950s and 60s by some of the biggest names of Scandinavian design, including Hans J. Wegner or Arne Jacobsen, but also by designers from across the world who worked under profound influence of Scandinavian design. These models aged well, without losing even a bit of their original allure. In fact, with the prominent role these vintage Scandinavian dining room chairs played in the history of furniture design and even the very conception of modern dining chairs, their appeal has only increased.

These Scandinavian design dining chairs are known throughout the world for their exceptional comfort and functionality which are perfectly fused with unique stylistic and aesthetical expression. Rooted in the idea of elegance through simplicity, modern Scandinavian dining chairs feature flowing and organic shapes, sleek and simple lines and exceptional comfort stemming from their ergonomic shapes as evident in some of the most famous models such as Hans J. Wegner’s Y chair or Arne Jacobsen’s Series 7 chair. They come in a variety of materials and colors so there is something for everyone. While many of Scandinavian dining chairs for sale on our website rely on natural materials for their unique aesthetical expression, if you are looking for a more contemporary solution, you can still take a look at our dining chairs premium reproductions which feature solid, yet lightweight plastic that will make cleaning of your chairs a breeze.

Danish modern dining chairs

The design style known as Danish modern is a design movement closely related to Scandinavian mid century style, although it precedes it by roughly a decade. It is often described as a minimalist and Bauhaus-inspired twist on the more conventional Scandinavian design. As such, Danish modern dining chairs feature clean and simple lines which are drawn with ergonomic requirements of the human body in mind. Mostly related to work of Danish craftsmen, cabinetmakers and carpenters, Danish modern has been perfectly exemplified in the works of Hans Wegner and Arne Jacobsen. These vintage Danish dining chairs hold a special place among broader category of Scandinavian design dining chairs with their almost exclusive reliance on natural materials, with the wood being arguably the most commonly used one.

Styling with Scandinavian dining chairs

With strong emphasis on functionality and versatility, but also thanks to the minimalist appeal of Scandinavian dining room chairs, these classics can be easily incorporated in almost every stylish home. While they will be at their best in dining rooms decorated in typical Scandinavian style, these classics can fit equally well in many other décor styles popular today. From eclectic to industrial and from minimalist to contemporary, Scandinavian style dining chairs have become must-have items for any home owner with a sophisticated sense of style. While most of them are highly versatile in terms of this fitting in with a number of contemporary interior design styles, some of them are truly unique accent pieces of designer furniture which are everything but subtle in their aesthetic expression – with Saarinen Tulip chair as probably the best known example.

Buying Scandinavian dining chairs

If you are inspired by what you just read and are looking to buy Scandinavian dining chairs for your home, we will proudly present you our collection of premium reproductions of some of the most iconic Scandinavian dining room chairs. Unlike most other Scandinavian chairs replicas and knock offs on the market, here at byBESPOEK, we put emphasis on quality, durability and comfort of our premium reproductions. In order to achieve this, we carefully analyze the original design specifications of each item and work with our team of engineers and craftsmen in order to come up with the best way of reproducing the design so that it matches the original in every detail, while at the same time minimizing the excess material and adapting contemporary industrial processes to these vintage Scandinavian dining chairs. The result is our collection of premium-quality Scandinavian dining chairs reproductions that perfectly match the original designs, while being available at just a fraction of the original price.

Delivered to your door in 72 hours

Arrives fully assembled, easy

Handmade Premium Quality